14 days in prison for rescuing dogs.

This breaks my heart. Getting a suspended sentence of 14 days in prison for rescuing dogs in the Seychelles. That is how I see it.


As some of you may know I adore the Seychelles. It is heaven on earth. The people are amazing, the islands are paradise. The beaches. Oh. My. God. Never seen a more gorgeous place as Anse Source d’Argent in La Dique. The food… YEESSSS! So yeah. Love it.


I didn’t only fall in love with the Seychelles, but especially with Rita and her pack of dogs. There are a lot of stray dogs over there. A LOT! For some people they are a hazard, so they poison them or abuse them. Rita is one of the heroes who is willing to set her entire life on hold, for years now, to take care of these amazing creatures. Her life revolves around her dogs. She has a pack of 36 dogs at the moment. They all stay with her till they leave for their spot in dog heaven. She does this without any help from the government of anybody else. She does it all by herself.

Because of Rita I also got in touch with Myriam a few times. She is situated on one of the other islands with her Pet Haven Society. She also rescues dogs that need rescuing. Yesterday I saw this post:

Screen Shot 2018-11-07 at 08.46.11

And that makes me so angry. No laws, but she is seen as an inconvenience, so lets just sentence her? I just can’t understand how this is even possible. People that rescue any kind of animal should be celebrated. These people should be helped in any way, shape or form. The fact this sentence is even possible breaks my heart. What will happen to Myriam? What would happen to these dogs? Will they be put to death? Will they be set free to die of starvation? Or for people to kill or abuse them?

Get your act together and go out and spay all the stray dogs. That would be a start. And remember that all animals are and always will be so much more beautiful than any person could ever be, but people like Rita and Myriam come darn close!

I applaud you, ladies! Keep doing what you do. You are amazing! You rock this world and don’t let anybody tell you otherwise! Myriam… Stay strong.

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