ShadowView ROCKS!

For the first time in over a year, I am going to write a blog in English. Why? Because I think these guys deserve all the attention they can get, so I want to reach as many people as I can with this blog. So… here I go.

First of all, Rianne. I adore your story about Sandra Hay. Her work with Underwater Giants is amazing! It looks so surreal, all those buddha’s on the bottom for the ocean, working hard. A lot of coral is dying because of global warming. So I hope the work she is doing will pay off in the end. It would be a dream come true to go over there and support her. Make sure everybody knows about the work she is going. ROCK ON, SANDRA!

You are returning the favor and thus, the question I asked you and therefore I can give a shout out to the amazing people of ShadowView.

The first time I saw Laurens de Groot (former Sea Sheperd activist) was in 2014, on Dutch national television, on RTL Late Night with Humberto Tan. That item hit me, hard, straight into my heart. He was talking about his project: ShadowView. As you all probably know, I adore Mother Nature. She rules this world and it pains me to see how humanity treats her. And then there was Laurens de Groot. ShadowView (SV) to the Rescue!

Laurens de Groot and his SV team are doing an amazing job in helping Mother Nature. And Lord/Allah/Elvis/Buddha/whoever knows, she needs it. She desperately needs it. With the help of drones and other state of the art technology the SV team is able to achieve amazing things. Like hunting for ivory poachers in Africa. Keep track of the Orangutans in Borneo. Monitoring illegal fishing in Italy. Monitoring illegal hunting activities in the USA and UK. Educating kids who live in these environments.

SV is even working on Smart Parks. They use a special network technology to build a private network. Because of the national park management can monitor all activities in the park. They also built a network so they can communicate together. And the great thing is, the poachers can’t detect it and it works on solar energy. So, when poachers are detected in the national park, the rangers can get to them sooner and arrest them, before any animal lives are lost. That will save so many gorgeous creatures. It’s amazing.

jason-briscoe-152946People like Laurens are the people we need to help save the world. He just gave up his job, sold his belongings and went to join Sea Sheperd. That is such a brave move. I applaud him for that. Risking his own life to save the life of such great creatures. I love him for that. And you know… He’s Dutch. Bonus points for that.

Laurens, I wish you and your team all the best. All the funds. All the help and all the positivity you can get and deserve. Be Mother Nature’s little helpers. She will be so grateful and so am I and loads of other people and animals. Keep fighting!

Would you be able to take on such a challenge? Just sell everything? Leave everything and everybody, to join a group that want to save the planet? Great, now I have the Captain Planet tune going around in my head.

I am no saint, but I try doing the same, but on a smaller scale. Just picking up garbage and throwing it away. Helping great causes when we go on holiday. Donating our time/money to the people/animals who need it. Walking or biking instead of driving. The smaller things, but they do make a difference.

Mother Nature will win in the end.

Well, there you have it. My first blog written in another language. Will I do this again? Meeeeh… Not sure. Ah well. But… the last thing! My Question to you, Rianne.

Welke Nederlandse ondernemers zou jij dolgraag een keer in onze Cartalks willen zien? Roept u maarrrrrr!

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